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Welcome to Vixen Dance & Fitness
Thank you for choosing us for your classes



Vixen Dance & Fitness specialises in injury prevention through unique exercises for both adults and children. I believe in exercises being challenging and fun to achieve the goals we have in mind. Exercises should also work with our body’s individual needs therefore each class is designed with everyone’s ability in mind. So, whether you have a long-standing injury, have structural issues, or just want to exercise for fun, there is a class for everybody at Vixen Dance & Fitness.


Happy Dancing!

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Please enrol onto your class here.

Once your waiver form has been submitted & received, I will be in touch with you to book your class. All data is stored in accordance with GDPR, Data protection and safeguarding policies.

Waiting List

Please note that all classes are small in number (max of 8 -10 students) this is to ensure each student receives 1-1 training with myself on every exercise. Should the class you’ve chosen be full you will be placed onto a waiting list, and you will be contacted once a space has become available.

Trial Classes

Once a space has become available, you will receive an invite for a free trial class. The trial class is an opportunity to get to know Bella as a teacher and that you/your child enjoys the classes. If you cannot attend your/your child’s class, please inform Bella 48 hours prior to the class. If no contact is made &/or does not attend their free trial, you will forfeit your right to another free trial class and the next class will be chargeable. It is at Bella's discretion if this amount is a deposit or the full class charge.

Please note that all classes are based on ability if your child is more advanced they will be invited to attend a higher level class, likewise if your child is struggling with the exercises in the class they will be invited to join a lower levelled class. This is to ensure that every child is working within their current ability which will allow them to excel in exercises. Adults & children will not be allowed to attend classes that are too difficult for them as this can be unsafe and their progress can regress. This can happen at any time and will be discussed with you and your child if applicable.

Permanent Enrolment

After the trial class you will receive an invitation to permanently join the class. If a reply is not received within 5 days, your space may be given to another on the waiting list. Once enrolled you will automatically be enrolled for the full term. Terms are 12 - 14 weeks long. Should you wish to cancel your classes notice will need to be provided by the end of the 12 - 14week period. After this students are automatically enrolled into the following term.

The payment system that is used by Vixen Dance and Fitness is GoCardless, a link will be sent to you to join as a customer and the agreed payment will be set & emailed to you. GoCardless is a recurring payment system which can be allocated on specific payment dates to suit you. To discuss this further or for more information, please contact Bella.

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