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About Us

Meet the team at Vixen Dance & Fitness 


At Vixen Dance & Fitness 
we value progress over perfection! 

Bella Reid

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Owner of Vixen Dance & Fitness

Hi, I'm Bella, and welcome to

Vixen Dance & Fitness!

Thank you for stopping by the About page.

This page is my story and how that story created Vixen Dance & Fitness.

The short version of what Vixen is all about is that in every single class I strive;

- To provide unique classes for adults that would otherwise be excluded.


- To create a positive, supportive community of dancers so that every class feels like you're meeting        & exercising with your friends.


- To provide classes for all the family to join in.


​- To nurture & encourage all students and to help them achieve independence in their training.

   (everybody's body is different and what works for me may not work for another. I like to teach body      awareness so that you know what your own body needs from an exercise or stretch)

I'm a massive believer that anyone & everyone can dance! Including men. There is no judgement in my classes, whatever your personal goals are, mine will always be seeing you progress. My favourite moment is seeing the happy face when you achieve your goal.

For the long story behind Vixen Dance & Fitness keep on reading. If the short version was enough click here to see all the fantastic classes I have available.


As a child I LOVED to dance, sing & act. Ballet and gymnastics were my favourites even though I wasn't naturally flexible.

I also loved to help others, so I took a break from the dancing world and decided to study Anatomy & Physiology of the human body in the pursuit of a career to one day help others.

But in my early twenties after lots & lots of studying I realised I really missed the acting/singing/dancing world and decided to take up adult Ballet and Gymnastic classes.

I absolutely loved them! 

Dance for me allows me to feel free.

Free from the everyday stresses of life.

Free to be me! On good days or bad days dance was my one consistent that always kept me going.

There is honestly no better feeling (good day or bad) than dancing with your friends and absolutely nailing a routine/technique/skill in class. It's a total rush!

But sadly during this time, in 2018, I sustained a severe injury to my arms, upper back and shoulders which resulted in me, no longer able to continue with the classes I loved and had trained so hard in.

kids running_edited.jpg
ball fitness_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

My injury caused me massive amounts of pain both physically and mentally and sadly it was the fault of someone else's inexperience.

Whilst getting treatment via a sports therapist, I decided that

no one else should go through what I was going through!

& I used my Anatomy & Physiology knowledge to train as a Sports Therapist.


In 2019, I opened DMT Sports Therapy, Specialising in Performance Arts Injuries. Within the first year I gained further massage qualifications including training in Vocal Massage at the Active Health Group in Manchester as well as Stephen King at his practise in London.


I also wanted to help rehabilitate others with injuries like mine and so studied Progressing Ballet Technique - a unique way of using ballet & some pilates techniques to help train people back from an injury or prevent injuries from occurring.


I still really missed dancing and struggled to move my arms in the same ways I used to be able to in Ballet (if you've ever done any ballet training arms are fairly difficult and use lots of muscles to get that beautiful poised look) 

and whilst scrolling through Facebook I saw a class that looked like so much fun! Balletbums!

A brand new ballet style class that incorporated a cardio element. I got in touch to enquire about the class and met Emily Whitehead - a west end dancer who had created this new dance program and was looking for instructors to share it with.

After the first class with her I fell in love with the classes and how easy they were to get around my injuries and became the first Balletbums teacher in Devon!

1 year in and COVID-19 hit the UK,

& my little business completely crashed. 

I decided to continue with the exercise side of my business. Whilst I felt that I couldn't do much in the way of massage to help people I could at least bring some happiness through dance.

Along with my fellow Balletbums instructors I took to offering free Facebook Live videos of full Balletbums classes during lockdown 1.​

Balletbums group_edited.jpg
balletbums logo 2.png

In October 2020, I heard from a friend about a class which incorporated ballet, pilates & yoga (Barrefloor). After trailing some of the exercises I decided that it was a lovely, relaxing, low impact class that some of my current dancers would love! At this time I was also accepted onto the teacher training course with Acrobatic Arts to teach Acro Dance. This was something I had always wanted to learn but struggled to find a coach who would teach adults. One of the things that stuck with me was the advice from the course trainers...

There is no reason why adults can't learn acro!

It might take us adults a little longer to get there but that doesn't mean we should be excluded.

During the training course they mentioned looking at Alixa Flexibility exercises to help students further their flexibility & contortion training. 

barrefloor dolphin_edited_edited_edited.png

Sports therapists/physios were all closed during the first lockdown and so without maintenance my shoulder injury began to get worse again. Once they reopened I found out I had some nerve damage which meant I couldn't massage other people without risking injury to my shoulders.

Whilst working with Isla Sell Physiotherapy I noticed that some of the exercises she would ask me to do to help my shoulders were similar to the ones I was teaching in Balletbums or PBT. 

I decided to continue with my exercise rehab work as it allowed me to do my own training on my injuries whilst also teaching others and created an extension to my business - DMT Exercise.

This idea lead to many doors being opened for me.

barrefloor logo.PNG
Alixa Flex stretch_edited.png
AlixaLogo copy.png

By March 2021, I had qualified in the Preschool Acro Dance program and had began teaching children's classes via zoom. Whilst flicking through some teaching notes to try and help my super bendy children, I noticed a scribble in the margin to enquire about the Alixa Flxibility courses. I originally thought this would be a little course to help those students who were naturally flexible.

I was dead wrong. 

Alixa Flexibility does SO MUCH MORE!

not only does it build strength & flexibility using some very weird & wonderful techniques, it also massively helps those with injuries as well as help prevent injuries from occurring. This was a massive turning point not only in my own training to help my injuries (alongside an osteopath - these weird & wonderful techniques have given me most of my shoulder mobility back) but also with my little exercise business.

In April 2021, I rebranded my business and created Vixen Dance & Fitness.

Specialising in injury prevention for all ages.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story behind Vixen Dance & Fitness.

I can't wait to help you through yours! Click here to see all of the amazing classes I have on offer.

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