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Code of Conduct

Vixen Dance and Fitness specialises in injury prevention in both adults and children through challenging and fun exercises.

To achieve this all students, parents/guardians must follow the following code of conduct.

Aggressive Behaviour

Aggressive, abusive or anti-social behaviour towards will not be tolerated, no matter who the behaviour is directed towards, for example, other students, parents/guardians, visitors, or teachers. All incidents will be investigated and where applicable reported to the appropriate authority. Students may also risk being suspended or removed from classes


It is important that you or your child arrives on time for class. It can disrupt others if participants are arriving late. It can also be a cause of injury if you or your child has missed the warm up section. If you are going to be late to class, please inform Bella.


Regular attendance to classes is vital to the progression of the individual in every class. If you or your child regularly misses class you or your child may notice a regression in performance through the exercises. This may result in you/your child be asked to change to a lower levelled class. Additional work from home may be requested for you/your child to maintain the progress made up until the missed class.


All students, parents/guardians and visitors are expected to behave in a civilised manner, showing respect to their teacher, other students and visitors. Vixen Dance & Fitness aims to be mentally positive, bullying, weight shaming and or any other behaviour such as this will not be tolerated.

Personal Property

Please only bring essential items with you to class. Bella cannot be held responsible if any item of value goes missing or are damaged including your car.

Health & Safety

Bella is a certified First Aider, however there are a few things that can help Bella in maintain the health & safety of all participants.

  • A record is kept of all who attend classes and who will collecting their child after class.

  • A record of all medical conditions and injuries will be requested any changes to these Bella must be informed as soon as possible to keep you/your child safe. If you/your child feels unwell or becomes injured during a class please inform Bella immediately

  • Ensure you or your child has a drink with you and you/your child is kept well hydrated throughout the class.

  • Smoking is not permitted in or around any of the venues

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