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What to expect in the 
Pre-School Acrobatic Dance Classes

The preschool acrobatic dance program created by Acrobatic Arts, breaks down into 6 modules. This is around 2 years of exercises for your little cubs to learn and prepare them for the next level of acrobatic skill. 

This program is designed to help children learn through repetition, games, colourful pictures, props and colouring. 


As well as learning acrobatic skills students will also learn both physical & social literacy.

This includes the basic fundamental movement skills such as;

walking, running, jumping, skipping, hopping, balancing plus a little throwing and catching.

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In all my classes there are added extras as I feel it is so important to learn skills such as, maths, geography, animals and colours. There are small sections of class which include all these aspects in a fun creative way. 

It is also important for students to learn proper studio etiquette, covering such aspects as; looking after props, waiting our turn, being kind and supportive to other dancers. 

At the end of each class, every student receives; a gold star in their report card for the acrobatic skills they achieved that week, (including good behaviour in class) and a colouring in page. 

At the end of the winter & summer terms, there are 2 performance weeks. This is a fantastic opportunity for the cub groups to meet the "big kids" and see where their acrobatic skills will eventually lead them.

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