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Introduction to Acro

Acro Dance is the beautiful fusion of the artistic motion of dance and the athleticism of acrobatics. Students will work through the 12 Acro levels learning the basic Acro Skills such as Handstands, Cartwheels & Somersaults all the way up to more advanced techniques such as Aerials, Handsprings and many more.


Understanding Acro

Acrobatics may look similar to skills in gymnastics however they are taught very differently to compensate for the different performance conditions. Acrobatic Dancers are expected to perform their skills on a hard stage surface without the advantage of a sprung floor, whilst seamlessly integrating musicality emotional expression, control and flexibility.

Why we are different

You child's safety is our number 1 priority!


Acrobatic students learn to manipulate their bodies into amazing positions, however here at Vixens we teach students to learn these skills gradually in order to reduce injuries. 

We understand everyone wants to do all the crazy interesting skills they see online and on TV, however these skills take years to achieve! With our progressional acro levels each student will build the necessary skills needed to achieve their acrobatic goals in a safe and fun environment.

This class is combined with the Alixa Flexibility method - an innovative stretching class which allows dancers to understand their unique bodies to be able to progress in their Acrobatic skills safely. We often talk about anatomy in class and learn how each muscle works in each different skill.



Acrobatic Timetable

Please find class times for Acro below




4:40 - 6:10


4:40 - 6:15




5:45 - 7:15

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