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Hi, I am Bella and I am the proud owner of Vixen Dance and Fitness!



Progress not perfection

This page is my story and how that story created Vixen Dance & Fitness.The short version of what Vixen is all about is that in every single class strive;

  • To provide unique classes for adults that would otherwise be excluded.

  • To create a positive, supportive community of dancers so that every class feels like you're meeting & exercising with your friends.

  • To provide classes for all the family to join in.

  • To nurture & encourage all students and to help them achieve independence in their training.

  • Everybody's body is different and what works for me may not work for another. I like to teach body awareness so that you know what your own body needs from an exercise or stretch.

I'm a massive believer that anyone & everyone can dance! Including men. There is no judgement in my classes, whatever your personal goals are, mine will always be seeing you progress. My favourite moment is seeing the happy face when you achieve your goal.

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As a child I LOVED to dance, sing & act. Ballet and gymnastics were my favourites even though I wasn't naturally flexible.

I also loved to help others, so I took a break from the dancing world and decided to study Anatomy & Physiology of the human body in the pursuit of a career to one day help others.

But in my early twenties after lots & lots of studying I realised I really missed the acting/singing/dancing world and decided to take up adult Ballet and Gymnastic classes. I absolutely loved them! 

Dance for me allows me to feel free. Free from the everyday stresses of life. Free to be me! On good days or bad days dance was my one consistent that always kept me going.

There is honestly no better feeling (good day or bad) than dancing with your friends and absolutely nailing a routine/technique/skill in class. It's a total rush!

But sadly during this time, in 2018, I sustained a severe injury to my arms, upper back and shoulders which resulted in me, no longer able to continue with the classes I loved and had trained so hard in.


That injury spurred me on to prevent this from happening to others, I was rushed to quickly in an exercise that I was not ready in which gave me a massive set back in my progress. And so my motto was born, PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION!

So in  the following years I trained as a Sports Therapist specialising in Performing Art injuries whilst offering Vocal Massages as well. At this time I became a teacher of Balletbums, a fantastic Ballet class which allowed my clients to train whilst their injuries healed.


And then during and shortly after Covid, I trained in Acrobatic Arts and Alexia Flexibiliy to broaden classes that we available. My classes took over and filled up so quickly that my Sports Therapy has taken a back seat!




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